The ASMP-DKE-8 canal hoist is a universal device used mainly in automotive workshops for all types of work in the service canal.

Possible applications

  • raising the front and rear axles of an automobile in order to place it on blocks,
  • dismantling the front and rear axles (raising, lowering, and horizontal transport of heavy elements),
  • dismantling and installation of gearboxes,
  • dismantling and installing suspension,
  • other works on the chassis which require raising of parts of the automobile.

How it works

The drive of the ASMP-DKE 8 hoist (raising and lowering of the load-bearing screw) comprises an electric motor and worm gear. The hoist is mounted on four wheels which roll along the edges of the canal. Movement of the hoist along the canal or perpendicular to it (on crossbars) is carried out manually.

The drive of the hoist (for raising and lowering) is started up by pressing the control button. Releasing the button immediately stops the movement of the worm gear, by turning off the electric engine.

We are fully equipped to inspect canal hoists, as we have a testing station approved by the Office of Technical Supervision.


We are permitted to construct automotive hoists thanks to the “recognition protocol” awarded us by the Office of Technical Supervision.

Technical data

Parameter Unit Value
maximum load kg 8000 (7000)
maximum height (screw extension) mm 710
lifting speed m/min 0,45
drive power kW 4 (3)
power source V 380 / 50 Hz
controller voltage V 24 / 50 Hz
gear ratio 1:32
length mm 940
width mm 980 (for an 850 mm wide canal)
height mm 1175
gross weight kg 250