TASMP-TW series 2500 and 3000 vibrating trays are used in fruit and vegetable processing plants (for example in sugar refineries) to join in one technological process rinse water draining sieves with plant matter segregators.

The trays process the drained plant matter, breaking up clumps and draining the water from plant remains, which increases the efficiency of the segregation process.

How it works

The vibrating tray comprises a steel profile frame on whose upper surface a tray carries plant waste. At the beginning of this tray, there is a slotted sieve which drains the water from the plant and water mass. The outflow part of the tray is angled, ensuring the correct operation of the segregator. Two electrovibrators are attached to the sides of the frame, which function as the drive. The tray can be suspended on four shock absorbers, or placed on a special amortisation console.


  • the vibrating tray is delivered together with its base and electrical mains box
  • the tray can be made in aversion suspended on shock absorbing hooks
  • the length of the base, in consultation with the ordering party, can be extended by about 4000 mm
  • the vibrating tray can be made in widths of from 750 mm to 35000 mm
  • when you order the device, make sure to approve state the direction of the angled outflow tray, and if necessary any other necessary modifications to the standard construction
Taca wibracyjna ASMP
Taca wibracyjna ASMP

Technical data

TW-3000 TW-2500
Total dimensions [mm] [mm]
length 2120 2120
width 3500 3000
height 960 960
Tray dimensions (gutter) [mm] [mm]
length 2150 (2150) 2150 (2150)
width 3290 (3000) 2790 (2500)
height ~960 (300) ~960 (300)
weight [kg] [kg]
gross ~1120 ~1045
without base ~939 ~880

  • 2 x electrovibrator OEW-90L4.20
  • N=2 x 1,5 kW
  • n=1415 rpm

angle: 4,9º

protection grade: IP 44


  • frame and suspension: carbon construction steel with anti-corrosion coating;
  • tray and slot sieve: acid-resistant steel 1H18N9T;