About us

ASMP Mirosław Przybył is a family-owned Polish company whose beginnings reach back to 1945.
Shortly after the end of WWII, Henryk Przybył established his first metalworking and lathe shop in Sopot .

Core values

We can confidently say that the highest value that we hold at ASMP Mirosław Przybył is our staff.
Our highly experienced and reliable team of experts can carry out even the most complex assignments which we give them. It is this group of specialists that create the machines and devices which satisfy the expectations of our demanding clientele.

Core competencies

The high level of our core competencies is confirmed not only by our experienced staff, but also by our full implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.
Every item manufactured by ASMP Mirosław Przybył, from the design stage, through production and installation, to its final implementation, is created in compliance with Polish norms and possesses all the relevant technical certificates and approvals.


Our clients come from Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Austria, Belarus, and Moldova. Our products are used wherever precision and individual highly advanced solutions are required.