ASMP Mirosław Przybył is a family-owned Polish company whose beginnings reach back to 1945.
Shortly after the end of WWII, Henryk Przybył established his first metalworking and lathe shop in Sopot .
In 1956 he relocated to Krakow, concentrating on the manufacture of highly advanced, specialised machinery for the automotive industry.
The year 1978 saw a key event in the history of the company, when Henryk’s son, Mirosław, began his professional career with the company. After just three years of work, he took over the management of the company, a task which he still successfully carries out today.

The end of the 1980s was a period of economic and social upheaval in Poland. ASMP quickly found its feet as a company in the new business environment, and began a period of dynamic and continuous growth. Mining, steelworking, construction, and the food and chemical industries were all areas into which the company branched out and prospered.

In 1991, to meet the growing demands of the market, ASMP built a modern production plant in Zabierzów near Krakow together with R&D facilities. This allowed the company to provide comprehensive and efficient services to the most demanding customers.

The Zabierzów plant is home to an experienced team of specialists, who design, build, and implement innovative solutions and products for many different sectors of industry, using highly advanced tools and technical solutions including CNC lathing and milling machines and cutting edge IT.

1999, Michał Przybył, the son of the current owner and grandson of the company’s founder, began his career in the family company after finishing his studies, and made a further significant contribution to the development of the company by creating and developing the modern design and construction department, specialising in the custom design of even the most unusual devices for individual orders.

2004 witnessed the next key stage in the development of the company. It was then that new markets opened up, as a result of Poland’s accession to the EU. This process of European integration gave a further impetus to the growth of ASMP in the following decade.

Over the past 70 years, ASMP has transformed from a small metalworking shop to a modern, efficiently managed design and production firm. Today, ASMP is recognized as a reliable supplier of highly advanced industrial solutions, both in Poland and in Europe as a whole.