AUTO-SPRZĘT Mirosław Przybył Production Machining Plant is a private company, founded in 1945 in Sopot by Henryk Przybył, the father of Mirosław Przybył, the current owner. Since 1956, the company has been based in Krakow, specialising in the creation of custom solutions for the automotive industry. In 1989, the company expanded its offer to include the mining and steelworking industries, and later other branches. Currently AUTO-SPRZĘT Mirosław Przybył Production Machining Plant focuses its activities on the design and manufacture of tools, machinery, and replacement parts for many branches of industry. It is our aim to satisfy all mutually agreed requirements and expectations of our customers. We strive for professionalism at every step of the process, and to achieve this employ a long-term, qualified, experienced and committed staff. Our suppliers and collaborators are time-tested and carefully selected, to guarantee a product of the highest quality for the customer. We do all we can to maintain the positive public image of the company by using modern technology.

We offer competitive prices and terms to establish and maintain our reputation as a trustworthy and customer-friendly partner, while maintaining confidentiality and protecting the rights of the customer.

By implementing the PN – EN IS0 9001: 2009 quality management system, we have streamlined our organisation and increased the quality of our work with partners.

Kraków, September 2014

Quality policy