ASMP Zakład Ślusarstwa Produkcyjnego Auto-Sprzęt Mirosław Przybył

ASMP also provides comprehensive refurbishing services for machinery:

  • refurbishing of mechanical elements, such as regeneration of parts, replacement with new parts, changing bearings, drives, etc.,
  • Minor upgrades and regulation of settings during renovation,
  • Inventory of replacement parts, cyclical and unplanned inspections.
We provide on-demand maintenance crews, as we have done for years.

Sample refurbishing works

Comprehensive inspection and refurbishing of extruders (originally manufactured in 1976):

  1. Inspection and refurbishing of the gearbox:
    • dismantling and cleaning the gearbox,
    • replacing damaged gears,
    • replacing bearing components and gaskets,
    • installing a new lubrication system (pump, filter),
    • constructing a new lubrication system and mounting system for thrust bearing,
    • installation,
    • painting.
  2. Inspection and refurbishing of aggregate batch system:
    • dismantling and cleaning,
    • replacing the filling valve (design and construction),
    • replacing doors and the feeder (design and construction),
    • constructing new sockets for temperature sensors,
    • installation,
    • painting.
  3. Installation of the complete system, and start up at the test site.