Segregator taśmowy ASMP-ST

As with the other machines in the series, the ASMP-F&S organic matter sorting table is used to filter and segregate organic matter from rinse water and waste water in fruit and vegetable processing plants, mainly sugar refineries.

How it works

The machine is a tilted, horizontal conveyor belt. The angle of tilt can be regulated to optimise it for a given type of organic waste matter. The mixture is supplied to the belt, where larger fractions and whole plants roll off, thanks to an appropriately set angle. This recovered material can be returned to the production process, while the remaining material (“sludge”) including leaves, grass, etc. sticks to the belt and is moved along until at one end of the belt it is gathered by catchers and removed from the line.

Technical data

Total dimensions
length 4850 mm
width 2050 mm
height 1000-1300 mm (depending on angle)
gross weight ~1000 kg
belt width b=1600 mm
total length l=10000 mm
angle 15º-38º
belt speed 1-1,5 m/s
drive power 2,2 kW
protection grade IP 44
material Carbon steel with anti-corrosion coating:

  • frames – anti-corrosion paint,
  • drums, rollers, angle regulating screw – galvanised.